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Welcome to CupcakeTrap’s LoL musings.  I’m no pro player, but I do like to crunch numbers and theorycraft, and I aim to translate this work into simple, convenient writeups and graphics.

Here is a menu of my current offerings:

Theorycrafting Articles

Season 3 Gold Income
This writeup briefly explains how much gold different champions have to work with in Season 3.

Season 3 Masteries Valuation Infographic and Writeup
This writeup, which includes a simple infographic, attempts to pin a per-point gold value on the Season 3 Masteries.  This requires some simplifications and approximations, and of course gold valuation is an inherently limited metric, but I find it useful since so many Masteries do simply give you stats that you’d otherwise buy in the shop.

Season 3 Sample Mastery Builds
This uses the writeup mentioned above to construct and value a few sample builds, like “21 Offense (Mages)”.


How Would 5 Bots Fare In Solo Queue?
Well?  Aren’t you curious?

Video:  Respect Baron Nashor
This is from my last game of Season 2.  It’s one of my favorite LoL moments ever.  HOW DOES IT FEEL, DARIUS?  HOW DOES IT FEEL?


Guide To Installing A Spider-Free Elise Custom Skin (Link to LoL Forum Thread)
Thanks go to Waldgeist for making this custom skin.  As a custom skin, it’s installed locally.  It changes only how Elises appear on your own monitor; nobody else’s experience is affected.

We Need New League Names

Because “Nami’s Enforcers” is not the best.


I recently (mid-March 2013) launched a Factions system, featuring four starting factions chosen by community poll: Demacia, Ionia, Noxus, and Piltover. Matches are happening all the time, mostly organized through the Factions in-game chat room. Come join!


Click “Useful Links” and check out the sign-up thread for more information. If you’re interested, use the faction declaration form to sign up. It doesn’t obligate you to play any particular matches; it just lets you join in. Expect some friend requests and game invites.


5 thoughts on “Main Page

    • Well, the writeup contains some of that math:

      I’m continually scrutinizing and revising it. I actually have some Excel spreadsheets and stuff that I’ll probably share once they’re tidied up.

      The most controversial valuations are things like Block, Unyielding, Havoc, and Executioner, perhaps.

      For Havoc and Executioner, I simulated a basic build for a mage and for an ADC, and decided how much AD/AP would be needed to replicate the Havoc/Exec damage boost.

      As noted earlier … there are definite limitations to the gold valuation approach. Still, I think it’s a useful piece of information. Ultimately, it’s a matter of gameplay strategy and personal preference.

      For Unyielding/Block, I ran damage simulations and computed how much armor would be required to roughly match the Mastery’s effect.

  1. Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for writing all this analysis. I’m an avid number cruncher and stats geek as well, and I’ve actually been following your work since the S2 mastery changes – I saved it under Favourites for half a year! Unfortunately I play on EUW so I couldn’t comment on the NA forum without a level 5 account, but you do very detailed and in-depth analysis which is always insightful. I haven’t read everything yet (at work) but I will when I get back and might provide some feedback. Feel free to add me on Facebook or email me on if you want a chat, thanks again! 🙂

  2. Since the points for a mastery like Hardiness do not give equal stats (i.e. the first point is 2 armor, the other two are 1.5 each), do your values account for an average of the values or for the value of the first point?

    • Yes. The version displayed on the chart is an average over 3 points. I believe I stuck with that approach with all “uneven” Masteries, though I’ll double-check that when I do my next revision.

      (Other things for revision: I might revalue Executioner and Block, to account for their situationalness…it’s a hack, obviously, but I want to reflect “it’s complicated, but worth a lot of Armor/AP” or whatever.)

      The first, 2-Armor point is worth 40. The next are worth 30. Altogether, you get about 100g of Armor (/MR) from those, at an average of 33g/point.

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