Sample Mastery Builds

This document recommends some basic Mastery builds, and computes an approximate gold value.  See for more information on the valuation math, which is (naturally) approximate.

This format is a little biased toward Masteries that provide stats that are easily translated into gold-value.  Consider the usual caveats, in particular the warning that if you don’t usually buy a stat in the shop, it’s probably not worth its “sticker price” to you.

I think this works out, because most of the Masteries that are hard to put a price tag on are also pretty specialized (like anti-tower stuff); if you think your playstyle/champion wants those, then swap something out for them.  I’m doing this largely just to value complete Mastery sets rather than isolated points; what’s truly “optimal” depends a lot on your playstyle.

Note:  Some Masteries gain value with time or levels.  I have assumed level 6 and 10 minutes.  I went with a somewhat early valuation point, because I believe Masteries have the greatest potential impact early, when 1000g of bonus stats can really lift you above your opponents.  If you’d like to see alternate estimates for mid- and late-game, check out the writeup linked above.

ADC Offense

21 Points in Offense (ADC)

  • Wrath (Spells)
  • 132g:  Fury 4 (AS)
  • 168g:  Deadliness 4 (AD)
  • 250g:  Weapon Expertise 1 (ArPen)
  • 40g:  Havoc 2 (damage)
  • 26g:  Lethality 2 (crit damage)
  • 165g:  Frenzy 1 (crit → AS)
  • 120g:  Brute Force (AD)
  • 111g:  Sunder (ArPen)
  • 200g:  Executioner 1 (damage)

from 21 points
→ 58g/point average

9 Points in Offense (ADC)

  • Wrath (Spells)
  • 99g:  Fury 3 (AS)
  • 168g: Deadliness 4 (AD)
  • 250g:  Weapon Expertise 1 (ArPen)

from 9 points
→ 57g/point average

Mage Offense


21 Points in Offense (Mage)

(Reluctantly taking some Archmage.  Might honestly be better to grab some Butcher or whatever to help with last-hitting.)

  • Wrath (Spells)
  • 120g:  Sorcery 4 (CDR)
  • 132g:  Blast 4 (AP)
  • 300g:  Arcane Knowledge 1 (MPen)
  • 132g:  Mental Force 3 (AP)
  • 120g:  Havoc 3 (damage)
  • 66g:  Spellsword 1 (AP-scaling damage on autoattacks)
  • 42g:  Archmage 3 (AP) (consider getting Butcher or w/e instead)
  • 300g:  Executioner 1 (damage)

from 21 points
→ 58g/point average

(Credit to TMaccius for pointing out an arithmetic error)

9 Points in Offense (Mage)


  • Wrath (Spells)
  • 90g:  Sorcery 3 (CDR)
  • 132g: Blast 4 (AP)
  • 300g:  Arcane Knowledge 1 (MPen)

from 9 points
→ 58g/point average

Defense Tree

21 Points in Defense

  • Resolve (Spells)
  • 92g:  Durability 4 (Health)
  • 99g:  Hardiness 3 (Armor)
  • 99g:  Resistance 3 (MR)
  • 78g:  Veteran’s Scars 1 (Health)
  • 120g:  Unyielding 2 (-1 damage from champs)
  • 200g:  Block 1 (-3 autoattack damage)
  • 96g:  Relentless 2 (slow reduction, a la Swifties)
  • 40g:  Defender 1 (armor/MR per enemy champ nearby)
  • 72g:  Juggernaut 2 (Health) [first point is 38g, second is 34g]
  • 80g:  Reinforced Armor 1 (reduced crit damage)
  • 76g:  Honor Guard 1 (%damage)

1052g from 21 points
→ 50g/point average

13 Points in Defense (“botlane”)

An alternate set, optimized perhaps for laning against an AD character.  Included to provide some numbers for a build in between 9 and 21 points.

  • Resolve (Spells) (replace with something else if desired)
  • 108g: Perseverance 3 (hp5)
  • 99g:  Hardiness 3 (armor)
  • 40g:  Resistance 1 (MR)
  • 96g:  Relentless 2 (slow reduction, as in Swifties)
  • 120g:  Unyielding 2 (flat damage reduction)
  • 200g: Block 1 (flat damage reduction on basic attacks)

663g from 13 points
→ 51g/point average

9 Points in Defense

I’m aiming here for a sample 9-point block, for champs who’ve taken 21 points in another tree.

  • Resolve (Spells)
  • 99g:  Hardiness 3 (Armor)
  • 40g:  Resistance 1 (MR)
  • 92g:  Durability 4 (Health)
  • 78g:  Veteran’s Scars 1 (Health)

from 9 points
→ 33g/point average

Utility Tree

7 Points in Utility

There are 7 really solid early points in Utility.

  • Insight (Spells)
  • 180g: Meditation 3 (mp5)
  • 120g:  Expanded Mind 3 (mana)

300g from 7 points
→ 43g/point average

21 Points in Utility (Support)

Here, I’m aiming for Support-y things, like actual gold (which buys active items and other things that don’t require a snowbally champ in order to be good).  There are plenty of quirky options in Utility whose value depends a lot on playstyle, even more so than usual.

  • Insight (Spells)
  • 180g:  Meditation 3 (mp5)
  • 120g:  Expanded Mind 3 (mana)
  • (a point in Artificer or something)
  • 120g:  Greed 4 (gp10)
  • 50g:  Wealth 2 (gold)
  • 35g:  Biscuiteer 1 (potion)
  • 25g:  Explorer 1 (ward)
  • 180g:  Intelligence 3 (CDR)
  • 60g:  Pickpocket 1 (gold per autoattack on champs)
  • 168g:  Nimbleness 1 (movespeed)

from 21 points
→ 45g/point average


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