New League Names

Thread here:

 “Syndra’s Bandits”, “Rumble’s Paragons” … Riot can do better. For one thing, they’re often weirdly mismatched: I don’t think of Rumble as having “paragons”, and while Syndra may be eccentric I don’t think she has a “highway robbery” business going, and I really don’t think she hires Summoners to be bandits.

It’s kind of cute having League names, rather than League numbers, and I understand the need for a script that can generate tons of League names, but there has to be a better script.

 Initial Suggestion: “Generic Fantasy”

 (1) Order, Clan, Circle, etc.

 “of the”

 (2) Burning, Frozen, Green, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Stone, Adamant, Blue, Red, Brilliant, Hextech …

 (3) Dagger, Chalice, Harp, Dragon, Gryphon, Snake, Shield, Arrow, Scroll, Tome, Tower, Castle, Key, Fortress, Fleet, Axe, Hippogriff, Manticore, Wyvern …

 Examples: Order of the Burning Dagger, Circle of the Stone Dragon.

Generic fantasy, but at least the results sound sort of reasonable.

Or, if you want to make it more LoL, prefix it with “Demacian”, “Noxian”, etc.

Examples: Ionian Order of the Ruby Snake, Demacian Circle of the Adamant Chalice.

It’s not hard to make a huge list of roughly-compatible words. Of course, it’s likely that a couple somewhat odd combinations will arise, e.g. “Demacian Circle of the Hextech Scroll”. But this is a distinct improvement from the status quo, where the rare thing is for the combinations to make any kind of sense (like Taric’s Paladins).


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