How Would A Team Of 5 Bots Fare In Solo Queue?

I’m genuinely curious.

On the one hand, bots are by all accounts utterly terrible.  On the other hand, they never afk, ragequit, troll each other, or start typing angry arguments about whose fault it is that they’re losing in the middle of a teamfight.  I’m pretty sure that they would get an Elo rating, and that rating would not be 0.

You could have fun with this.  To prevent players from realizing the they’re playing against bots, in addition to hacking the loadscreen and giving them phony pings, you could write a script that hacks together names based on a random sampling of words from current usernames.  Say hello to XxDethclawJoninNarutoSayanMasterxX and MoldyBagel49 and NoScopeCODKillah.

I’d also pay to watch, say, Phreak, Morello, IronStylus, Damiya, and Xypherous manage “stables” of bots and compete to get the highest rating.


A related experiment: send a bot into solo queue with a fake username.  It would either be silent, or just say helpful things.  See how often it gets (unfairly) reported.


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